Eco-Conscious Weddings: Choosing the Right Rings

When it comes to tying the knot, more and more couples are looking for ways to dial back on costs and boost their eco-friendliness. One fantastic way to have an eco-conscious wedding and possibly save a bundle is by opting for moissanite bridal jewelry over traditional diamonds.

But what exactly is moissanite? How does it stack up in price? And really, does it hold up and dazzle like a diamond? Today, we’re diving into all your moissanite queries, and we’re pretty sure you’ll end up loving this dazzling alternative to diamond bridal jewelry.

Say hello to Moissanite!

You may or may not have heard of this stunning stone before - but what is Moissanite and how does it compare to diamonds?

Well, after being discovered in 1893 by a French scientist who initially mistook it for diamond, moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral made of silicon carbide, found in a meteorite crater. Moissanite in its natural form is incredibly rare, but thankfully, it can be synthesized in labs. This means all the stunning moissanite bridal jewelry out there is made from lab-created silicon carbide, cut to maximize its natural brilliance.

In terms of looks and durability, moissanite and diamonds are bascailly neck and neck. However, the differences shine when you consider cost and environmental impact. Moissanite offers a brighter sparkle with colorful flashes of light, unlike the classic white sparkle of diamonds. It’s almost as hard as diamonds, making it perfect for everyday wear and as easy to care for as any fine jewelry.

Environmental Impact

Here’s where moissanite truly shines: Unlike diamonds, which require mining, moissanite has a minimal environmental footprint. Choosing moissanite means you’re sidestepping the ecologically damaging effects of mining and the ethical issues tied to the diamond trade. At Flawless Moissanite US, we support one tree planted, and focus heavily on sustainability as part of our core business practise.

These things truly make a huge difference, and we're proud of the impact we're helping to achieve.

And not forgetting the costs...

If budget is a major factor in your wedding planning, moissanite is significantly less expensive than diamonds. While diamond prices are influenced by cut, color, clarity, and shape, moissanite pricing is generally straightforward, focusing primarily on size and color. This means you can snag a moissanite ring at about a tenth of the price of a diamond equivalent.

Vintage Style Bridal Ring Set, Round Cut (click for US site)

Vintage Style Bridal Ring Set, Round Cut (click for UK site)

Pear Cut Bridal Ring Set, Vintage Design (click for US site)

Pear Cut Bridal Ring Set, Vintage Design (click for UK site)

Choosing a Moissanite Engagement Ring

Selecting from a wide range of moissanite engagement rings is a big deal—as these rings symbolize so much. We understand that keeping your wedding costs down while still living your dream day is key. That’s why moissanite bridal jewelry is a stellar pick. Whether you’re drawn to its vivid sparkle, looking to trim wedding expenses, or aiming for a more sustainable celebration, this gorgeous gemstone is a brilliant choice.

At a glance, it’s hard to set moissanite rings apart from diamond rings, but you’ll quickly notice that moissanite offers more bang for your buck. And while you can definitely opt for larger, more eye-catching stones, there’s a wide range of subtler, elegant designs that cater to every taste.

Radiant Cut Moissanite Ring, Hidden Halo Design (click for US site)

Radiant Cut Moissanite Ring, Hidden Halo Design (click for UK site)

Oval Cut Moissanite With Stone Set Shoulders (click for US site)

Oval Cut Moissanite With Stone Set Shoulders (click for UK site)

The conversation around moissanite wedding bands, and especially engagement rings, often revolves around size and cost—expectations we don’t buy into at Flawless Moissanite US. We’re all about embracing your unique style and making eco-friendly, cost-effective choices that reflect your values, and even more so when you opt for a bespoke design service.

And that's truly all there is to it.