Moissanite vs. Diamond Rings: Can You Tell the Difference?

Moissanite engagement rings are a more environmentally – and wallet – friendly alternative to diamond rings, but can you tell the difference between moissanite vs. diamond? 

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What if your marriage started out in serious debt?

In 2020, couples spent an average of $6,000 on engagement rings. And almost a third of those questioned, ended up spending more than they’d originally planned to!

That's a lot of money to spend, especially for couples that may soon be shopping for homes in an out-of-control real estate market. Fortunately, there is a way to save money on an engagement ring – without sacrificing quality. The answer is to source a ring made of moissanite vs diamond.

But what is moissanite? How does it compare to diamonds and why is your partner sure to love this ring? We answer all of your important questions. 

What Are Moissanite Diamonds?

Moissanite was originally discovered in meteorites that fell to Earth. This gorgeous gemstone was first discovered by Henri Moissan, the French scientist the stone is named after. Meteorites containing this gemstone are incredibly rare, so modern moissanite’s are typically created in a lab.

It took many years to perfect moissanite creation and now, they can synthesize the same material that originally came to us from the stars.

One reason couples are often interested in moissanite is that it has the appearance of a diamond and many of the same great benefits, but ultimately, this gemstone is far more affordable.

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Moissanite vs Diamond Rings: An Ethical Question

Moissanite and other alternatives, such as lab-created gemstones, are an increasingly popular substitute for diamond engagement rings. One reason is that stones created in a lab don't have the same ethical links that diamonds do.

What are the ethical concerns? Simply put, the diamond industry has been controlled by De Beers, who control the majority of the world's diamonds. De Beers created popular marketing slogans, including, "A Diamond Is Forever."

However, while securing diamonds from places like Africa, it led to bloodshed from various rebel groups that De Beers purchased diamonds from. They also took advantage of underpaid labor during apartheid to maximize profits at the expense of human suffering. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems caused by diamond mining.

To cut a long story short – the more people learn about De Beers and their historical atrocities, the more couples worry that their own diamond rings may be ‘blood diamonds’, connected to centuries of human suffering. You can rest assured, when you buy a moissanite engagement ring created in a lab, you never have to worry that you contributed to any pain or misery.

Comparing Color 

We mentioned earlier, that while a moissanite appears to be a diamond at first glance on a chemical level, moissanite and diamonds are not quite the same. So it's key to understand how the two compare to each other, in important categories such as color.

With diamonds, color is one of the vital indications of the stone's quality. For example, a diamond with a "D" grade is colorless – whereas a "Z" grade diamond may appear slightly yellow or even brown.

Originally, moissanite stones often had a green or yellow tint to them, but recent lab advancements mean they can now create moissanite that has no color whatsoever. So you can get an affordable stone created in a lab that is just as colorless as the most priceless diamond!

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Comparing Brilliance

Aside from great De Beers marketing, why do so many people love to use natural diamond engagement rings? The answer is simple: diamonds offer a brilliant sparkle when you hold them up to the light and the good news is that this feature is just as prominent with a moissanite. In fact, you can get even more brilliance out of moissanite! This is because moissanite stones are double-refractive in design, which makes the sparkle that much more beautiful and intense.

On top of that, moissanite has double the dispersion value of a diamond, meaning that the fiery display of colors you get from rotating the ring lasts longer. At the end of the day, moissanite rings aren't just more brilliant than diamond rings, they actually offer you more fire, sparkle, and brilliance than any other gemstone on the market!

Comparing Durability

Quality diamonds are also famous for their durability, which brings us to another big question, ‘When it comes to moissanite vs. diamond, which is more durable?’

This is one area where natural diamonds do have the advantage. After all, diamonds are the hardest known mineral on the planet and even moissanite can't quite compare in terms of durability.

Interestingly, moissanite comes very close to diamonds in terms of durability. On the Mohs hardness scale of minerals, diamonds top out the scale at 10, while most moissanite stones land somewhere between 9.25 and 9.5, so not far behind.

Considering that most people who wear an engagement ring are worried about whether it can survive everyday wear-and-tear, it's fair to say that moissanite engagement rings are more than sturdy enough for anything short of using your ring to cut glass.

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Moissanite Price Compared With Diamonds

As well as ethical reasons, many couples explore alternatives to diamond rings due to the high costs of diamonds – so when it comes to moissanite, how does the price compare?

In comparison to diamonds, moissanites offer incredible value to consumers. In fact, while costs will vary due to different factors, a moissanite stone is a fraction of the cost to create in a lab than the cost to mine a similar diamond. And these savings are passed to the customer.

This offers engaged couples more versatile options. You can find a moissanite ring far cheaper than a similar, traditional diamond ring. Or you can get a much larger moissanite ring than you could afford if you want a mined diamond! 

As we mentioned before, you can get moissanite rings that are colorless, something that is difficult (and expensive) to do with diamonds. And since all moissanite rings are more brilliant than diamonds are, the ring you get will look amazing in any size. 

Other Benefits of Moissanite

Still unsure which ring are right for you and your partner? We've shared some of our favorite things about moissanite engagement rings, but here are a few extra benefits. Many moissanite rings have more clarity than the average diamond – stones created in a lab tend to have far fewer imperfections than diamonds mined from the earth.

Additionally, moissanite weighs less than diamonds, which is important if you want a very big moissanite ring. It will weigh much less on your partner's finger than a diamond of comparable size, so there’s no excuse not to go large!


Cushion Cut Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring, Tiffany Style

Does Moissanite Lose the Sparkle Over Time?

Moissanite does not lose its sparkle over time. While dirt and grime can temporarily make moissanite lose its luster, you can clean it off to restore the ring to its original sparkle and shine.

While De Beers may have helped coin the term, ‘A diamond is forever,’ the same can also be said of a moissanite ring. Over the years, moissanite rings do not lose any clarity or color, just as they don't lose their sparkle. An engagement ring serves as a symbol of your relationship and when you get a moissanite ring, you will get a stone that will also go the distance with you and your partner. 

Are Diamonds Better Than Moissanite?

While individual tastes may vary from person to person, moissanite has many of the same qualities as diamonds. In fact, moissanite is actually superior in many ways while ‘passing’ for a diamond.

Earlier, we touched on the fact that moissanite looks like a diamond. On top of that, this gemstone passes for a diamond on a handheld point test and is the only gemstone that can do that.

It’s up to you and your partner to determine whether you think diamonds are better than moissanite (or vice versa). But moissanite offers the appearance and benefits of real diamonds at a fraction of the price, making it an ideal choice for many couples trying to pick out an engagement ring.

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Picking the Right Moissanite Engagement Rings

Part of what makes any engagement ring special is the little details that make the ring ‘just right’ for a particular couple. When it comes to moissanite, how do you pick out the best ring?

Firstly, you need to decide on the color that you want. Most moissanite rings are already nearly colorless, but if you or your partner prefer a completely clear ring, you will need to shop around to find the perfect moissanite ring.

Secondly, you need to make sure the moissanite stone works well with the ring that you have chosen. For example, you may have a ring that comes with natural diamond accents. If so, you want to select a moissanite gemstone that compliments these features.

Finally, you need to determine the size of the stone you wish to purchase. With moissanite, you can get a much larger stone than you would get with a diamond for the same price. But don't forget to bear in mind your partner's preferences!

Can You Tell the Difference Between Moissanite and Diamond Rings?

It is very difficult for anyone to tell the difference between moissanite and diamond rings. However, someone who knows exactly what to look for may be able to spot the differences.

For example, remember when we discussed the fire and sparkle of the average moissanite ring? Under the light, such a ring will produce a rainbow of different colors. Diamonds, meanwhile, produce a white sparkle when held beneath a light.

Moissanite gemstones are a bit warmer to the touch than diamonds, which are usually fairly cold. And moissanite fogs up easier than diamonds when someone breathes on it (though we don’t suppose many will be so close to your hand they are breathing on your ring!)

So, while it's possible to tell moissanite rings from diamond rings, it would usually take someone with a jeweler's eye and specialized tools such as a loupe, to tell for sure. Otherwise, moissanite rings should pass as diamonds among friends, family, and colleagues.

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Other Alternatives to Traditional Diamonds

Moissanite rings are attractive in part because some couples want ethical alternatives to traditional diamonds. But you should also know, there is another alternative to either using traditional diamonds or using moissanite for engagement rings.

That alternative is lab-created diamonds. Just as modern science allows us to synthesize moissanite in a lab, it is possible to synthesize diamonds in a lab as well.

Lab diamonds share the same chemical composition as diamonds but do not need to be mined from the earth. This means they are often cheaper than traditional diamonds (about half the price of a comparable natural diamond). However, moissanite rings are far cheaper while offering many advantages over diamonds (both natural and lab-created diamonds).

Finding the Right Moissanite Vendor

Traditional diamond rings and moissanite rings have one more very important element in common – to get the right ring, you need to ensure you find the right vendor. 

Because this is going to be one of the most important purchases of your life, try to find a moissanite vendor that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're worried about something happening to the ring (like on an exotic honeymoon), make sure the vendor offers a good warranty on your purchase.

Most importantly, you need to find a vendor that you can trust. That way, you know who to turn to if you ever have any questions!

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