Top Tips for Moissanite Jewelry Care and Cleaning

...and how to give it an everlasting shine

Ever wondered how to keep your Moissanite from Flawless Moissanite looking its best? Keeping it dazzling is easier than you might think, just like the natural gemstone, it loves a little pampering now and then to maintain its sparkle.

When people discover the marvels of Moissanite (which you can geek out on at our What is Moissanite page!), they often opt for it instead of traditional diamonds, not just for the awesome price point but also for its ethical edge.

And hey, we totally get it—as jewelers, we know life can throw curveballs that might dull your shiny stone. Whether it’s the daily grime or an unexpected nick, knowing what impacts your Moissanite's shine is step one to keeping it looking better than ever. Lucky for you, we've some top tips right here for you.


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Simple steps to a sparkling finish

All you need is some soap and warm water. Yup, just the basics you’ve got under your sink!

First, grab a a soft-bristled brush, some fragrance-free soap, and a couple of clean towels. Then, lay down a towel, soak your Moissanite or jewelry piece in a mix of lukewarm water and soap for about five minutes. Lastly, gently scrub the Moissanite, rinse it in clean water, and pat dry with another towel.


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What should I avoid?

When it comes to cleaning, dodge those harsh chemicals. Things like bleach and ammonia can mess up your Moissanite’s look. Stick with gentle cleaning products or maybe spring for a professional jewelry cleaning solution for those deep cleans.

If you’ve snagged one of our eye-catching Moissanite engagement rings, like one of this season’s hot picks below, you’d want it to keep sparkling well past the big day!



Routine care to keep a lasting shine

Taking care of your Moissanite means more than just cleaning it once in a while. Giving your jewelry a break from daily wear can really make a difference in how long it keeps that new bling look. Stash your pieces in a compartmentalized jewelry box to dodge scratches and keep them all sparkly.

So, there you have it—follow these tips, and your Moissanite will keep its sparkle and shine for years to come. Whether it’s set in a Moissanite engagement ring, earrings, or a killer necklace, every piece deserves the best care.