Spring Jewelry Trends: Embracing Moissanite's Sparkle

Bring a touch of brightness and sustainability into your spring wardrobe

Spring is all about renewal, vibrancy, and, most importantly, embracing the new.

As the frost melts away, revealing the fresh blooms beneath, our wardrobe undergoes its own transformation. And what better way to complement this seasonal shift than with the latest in spring jewelry trends? This year, it's all about moissanite's unmatched sparkle, a gemstone that's not only dazzling but also echoes the season's call for freshness and sustainability.

Why choose Moissanite this Spring

Moissanite, affectionately known as "The Space Diamond," brings the cosmos down to Earth with its out-of-this-world brilliance and eco-friendly glow. Cultivated without the environmental strain of traditional diamond mining, moissanite offers a guilt-free glimmer that aligns with the eco-conscious ethos of spring's renewal. Imagine accessorizing your spring outfits with jewelry that not only looks phenomenal but also champions planetary well-being.

And when it comes to moissanite vs diamond, which suits your spring outfit better?

Well, moissanite pieces embody the vibrant spirit of spring with their fire and sparkle, rivaling the brightest flowers in bloom. Whether you're brunching under the open sky or enjoying the longer, languid days, moissanite jewelry adds that perfect touch of light-catching elegance to any look - just check out these vintage inspired ring sets!

Aquamarine Round Cut Halo Ring (click for US site) 

Aquamarine Round Cut Halo Ring (click for UK site) 

Emerald & Moissanite Vintage Inspired Ring (click for US site)

Emerald & Moissanite Vintage Inspired Ring (click for UK site)

Catch everyone's eye with a piece that's as radiant as the early sunlight filtering through new leaves.

Going beyond seasonal trends

Moissanite's versatility shines through in this season's trends, from classic solitaires that speak to the timeless beauty of spring to innovative designs that mirror the season's dynamic renewal. Each piece tells a story of sustainability and style, making moissanite the gemstone of choice for those looking to update their jewelry collection with pieces that are both modern and meaningful (and are actually very close to diamonds in terms of appearance and hardness!)

Spring's palette is all about light, bright, and airy colors, and moissanite complements this beautifully with its clear, brilliant sparkle. Whether set in a delicate set of Moissanite earrings or a statement ring, moissanite captures the essence of spring with its dazzling display of fire and brilliance.

But spring jewelry trends aren't just about the visuals; they're about making choices that reflect our values. Opting for moissanite means choosing a path of ethical beauty, aligning our aesthetic desires with our commitment to the Earth (we support one tree planted, for example!). It's a choice that says luxury and conscience can go hand in hand, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the season.

Halo Earrings 0.5ct Each (click for US site)

Halo Earrings 0.5ct Each (click for UK site)

Halo Earrings 0.80ct Each (click for US site)

Halo Earrings 0.80ct Each (click for UK site)

Ready to add a drop of shimmering color to your Spring fits?

So as we welcome the new season, isn’t it about time you embraced the sparkle and sustainability of moissanite - maybe even with a bespoke design serivce? It's truly the perfect time to refresh our jewelry boxes with pieces that not only shine brightly but also reflect the light of our ethical commitments to the planet.

This spring, let moissanite be the gemstone that adorns your moments with brilliance and conscience - whether it's with a slight more modern design, or even from our stunning heritage collection. The styling possibilites are truly endless!